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Matema beach is a brown sanded lake side shore that is located on the northern tip Of Lake Nyasa, in a town (also district) called Kyela in Tanzania. 'Brown sanded' because, unlike most sandy beaches in the country which are white in colour, the sand at Matema beach is brown and notably heavier in weight. It is also one of the cleanest and tranquil beaches in the country, particularly because of is remote location.

Matema beach is bordered on the south-western side (right side when facing the lake) by several creeks, where some of the rivers in the region meet the lake, however, the beach goes on for as long as you can cross the first few creeks. On the north eastern side (left side when facing the lake) is a mountain range where some go hiking in. However, this is not actually a mountain but rather the walls of the rift valley of which the lake itself is situated in.

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